Our names are Lamees, Nadia, and Aafreen. We are from the San Francisco Islamic School. We were given the opportunity to work on a project with IMRC. Here is some information about it. 


Usually North India experiences winter October-March. Northern India faces the coldest temperature  December- February. The temperature reaches up to 57 degrees during October through March. Although this isn’t very cold India is extremely hot throughout the rest of the year. Most of the population in India is very poor. They do not have proper clothing, blankets, or anything else to keep them warm during winter. Many people do not have homes so living on the street without proper necessities throughout this cold weather is very difficult. 

What experiences have we faced that encouraged us to work on this project: 

Growing up in San Francisco we have seen many people without supplies to keep them warm or provide them shelter during winter. Witnessing this has inspired us to help provide as many people as we could in Northern India with blankets. 

The project we are working on is to provide as many people as we could in Northern India with blankets to provide them and their families warm. We are hoping that you will help us raise enough money to achieve our goal. Be the one to help them bundle up!