• With a $25 donation, you can ensure a month of nourishment for an underprivileged family, filling their kitchen with essential groceries.
  • Alternatively, a simple $1 contribution provides a warm, comforting meal. Join us in the fight against hunger.

Support our Feeding Drive, and gain heartfelt duas from the beneficiaries.

IMRC is shaping a brighter tomorrow through education.

From our schools in Hyderabad to supporting rural schools across India, we’re bridging educational gaps. Your $1.5 per month can ensure a daily-wage worker’s child stays in school.

Help kids break free from generational poverty by sponsoring their education and giving them a fair chance for success.

At IMRC, we’re making healthcare accessible through our hospitals in Hyderabad, medical camps, and rural clinics across India.

With just $5, you can treat an elderly man at a rural clinic. Support our hospitals or help establish medical camps to bring healthcare to poor communities.

Will you help us make quality healthcare accessible to all?

With our orphanage in Hyderabad and support for others across India, we provide shelter, education, nourishment, and care to children in need. Sponsor orphans and change their world.

With just $50 a month, you can become the hero who changes their lives forever.

Will you sponsor an orphan and transform their life?