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Our mission is to help India’s Muslims & minorities achieve security, freedom and equality – Their rights as citizens of India.

Who we are

Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which began in 1981. We are located at 849 Independence Ave. Suite A, Mountain View, CA 94043. We work year round to assess the needs of Muslims and minorities in poverty struck areas of India and develop projects based on their needs. We have a dedicated team, visionary leaders and over 100 organizations on site in India to improve social structures and economic opportunities so minorities & Muslims in India can have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to society, have a voice in decisions that affect them and live and work in dignity.
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Giving and Muslims


Kaffara is the compensation incumbent upon an individual to make amends for any wrong doings they have committed. Kaffara should be made when one deliberately misses or breaks a fast; the amends necessary are either to fast 60 days consecutively or to pay a set amount of money to feed the poor as compensation.


Sadaqa is defined as voluntary charity; including any act of giving that is out of compassion, love, or generosity. Sadaqa is not limited to simply giving money; acts of kindness and generosity that do not include a monetary donation are still considered as Sadaqa, and will be rewarded as such.
Giving Sadaqa does not diminish a Muslim’s wealth; rather it increases it by insuring reward in the Hereafter.


Fidya is the payment necessary for an individual who cannot fast due to illness, old age, or any other reason. Regardless of the validity of the reason one did not fast, Fidya is due on the individual. The price of Fidya is calculated based on food prices where one lives. In the USA the price of Fidya for one missed fast is $3.50 (according the Hanafi school) or $7.00 (according to the Shafi’i school).

Udhiya or Qurbani

Udhiya or Qurbani is the Halal slaughtering of a goat, lamb, cow, or camel. It is performed during the entire year, and especially on Eid ul Adha. All mature men and women who possess the wealth to do so are obligated to offer Qurbani during Eid ul Adha. Individuals or families who are unable to perform the slaughter themselves should donate money for it to be done on their behalf.


Aqeeqa is the act of showing gratitude towards Allah for the blessing of children. This gratitude may be shown by slaughtering animals (such as goats, lamb, sheep, or camel), one for a girl and two for a boy, and distributing and feeding the meat to the community. If parents are unable to perform Aqeeqa themselves, they should donate money for it to be performed on their behalf.

Being rich is not about how much we have

but how much we give.

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