Ramadan Mubarak from IMRC!

As of tonight, we will be entering the blessed and very special month of Ramadan. During this time, over 1 billion Muslims around the world observe in daily fasting, attaining a sense of purification of body, heart, and mind. 

This is a time of spiritual discipline, a time to reconnect with one’s faith and stand before Allah with an increased desire to strengthen one’s relationship with him. At the same time, we remember that this blessed month also gives us a different type of joyous, centered opportunity to be with loved ones, dissimilar from our regular social settings and family parties. It’s a time we are able to learn more from one another, encourage each to increase our knowledge of Islam, break fast with one another. 

While so many of us will be beginning and ending our fasts with an abundance of food and water, it’s important to remember how many millions of Muslims around the world will have a bit of a difference experience, all with the same goal of becoming closer to Allah during this time. As we go about this blessed month, it’s important to remember our dependance on Allah for sustenance and simultaneously be socially conscious and compassionate towards those who don’t have infinite amounts of chicken patties to run the course of the month. 

In 2018, IMRC’s Ramadan program aimed to alleviate some of the struggles our Muslim brothers & sisters face during this month by providing food for Iftar. We were able to provide 7 million meals in grains and give 90,000 families full iftar meals. 

As we move into Ramadan 2019, we want to do even more:

– Provide 7.1 million meals in grains

– Benefit 250,000 families with Ramadan program

– Sponsor 600 village Iftars

No donation is too small and everything makes a difference. As you start your preparations for Ramadan, planning Iftars, putting up decorations, add this one to your list. It’s a small act that has such an incredibly impactful effect.

Though it may surprise you, $1 provides a full, warm meal. $25 (which is usually less than what we find ourselves spending when eating out) will feed a family for a month. $200 can feed a village and $300 can sponsor an interfaith iftar. Sponsoring a Qurbani is $125. With so many options to donate, we encourage you to spread the word and motivate your friends and family to also partake. 

WIshing you a blessed & fulfilling Ramadan this year, iA we can work together to help others have a blessed & fulfilling month as well.