Power of $1

Time escapes us, doesn’t it? We’re now only 8 short days away from Ramadan coming to a close. With these incredibly blessed last days/nights upon us, many of us are likely reflecting on our Ramadan, our past year, our future needs & duas. As you spend the next week seeing friends/family at upcoming iftars and at the masjid, you’re probably thinking you need some conversation starters beyond the old “what have you been have for suhoor” line, right? Well, we’ve got that for you, read on…

How many of us over the course of the past few months, have spend money dining out, going to the movies, buying a coffee, pampering ourselves, etc.? Alhamdullilah, we’re blessed with the means to do so & we should absolutely take care of ourselves and our loved ones. At the same time, you’d be surprised how impactful a mere dollar can be in another part of the world.

For us, $10-15 means a nice warm lunch or dinner. For so many in India, $1 means a warm meal. For us, $5 means a nice coffee on your way to work. For someone else, $5 means being able to finally see a doctor. For us, groceries to stock the house can rack us up a receipt of $100. For families in underprivileged parts of India, $25 means being fed for the entire month.

We challenge you to do something this Ramadan: if you’re able to put away $1 per day, for 7 months, you will have enough stashed away to feed an entire village. How crazy is that? You can start this challenge now & donate later or you can donate now and save your $1 a day to recuperate your donation. Either way, your $1/day will stretch incredibly far for people who need it, for people who will thank you even though they don’t know you. Their duas and their gratitude towards you will reach where it matters most.

In 2018, IMRC was able to provide:
– 92,463 warm meals to people who needed them most
– Perform 5,000 cataract surgeries
– Place 693 water wells in areas where it was essential

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. As you can see below, our dollars make huge impacts for our Muslim brothers and sisters in india. Let this be motivation to be a conversation starter at your upcoming iftars; get a group of friends or family members together to pledge towards an impactful, tangible action. You can grab 10 friends, each pledge $250, and have a water well built in your name. Imagine being able to tell the little ones in your family that you’ve built a school in India.

Nothing we do is possible without your help & contributions. While we’ve made strides in education, healthcare and feeding over the past few years, we have lots more to achieve and thousands more people to tend to. To do that, we need your help in spreading the word about what $1 can do.