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We bring affordable healthcare through medical camps in rural areas with no access to physicians. We have built hospital (Indo-US) where a cataract surgery with a lens implant is done at a cost of just $50!  Dialysis and other surgeries are also performed regularly. The facility is expanding into 100 bed hospital specializing in diabetic care.

Healthcare based projects:

    • India Health Initiative
    • Indo-US Hospital

India Health Initiative







This project brings teams of American doctors and Indian medical staffs every year to travel to the ru­ral areas of India to provide desperately needed healthcare to the local destitute Muslims and minori­ties.

This annual program is unique because it provides basic education in health care with an emphasis on preven­tive health care to the community; and provides tech­nical training to the local doctors and medical per­sonnel.

The pro­gram has shown that many illnesses afflicting the poor were prevent­able, and that these medi­cal conditions are propagated mostly because of pov­erty, ignorance, and lack of transportation.  IMRC is ready to head back and serve the needy and underserved populace.

We urge medical professionals to join us in our next medical excursion.

Contact our office more information about the program.


Indo-US Hospital

For over 15 years, our sister organization in India, Sahayata Trust, operated a health clinic in Malakpet, Hyderabad where 70 patients were seen daily. Early on as the India Health Initiative was taking place, we noticed the clinic was limited on space, lacked advanced facilities, and the building was falling apart – it could no longer meet the needs of the community. Thus, we decided to reconstruct a new 6 story, 18,000 sq. building with updated technology and features to treat the most common illness in the Hyderabad area i.e., diabetes and its related illnesses.

The goal is to have this hospital offer education for prevention of diabetes and treat those who are afflicted, but cannot afford the high cost of treatment. Departments in this hospital include nephrology, diabetology, orthopedics, surgery, pediatrics, family practice,dermatology, diagnostics including radiology, gynecology, ophthalmology and dialysis unit.

We now plan to expand and add Educational Certificate for Continuing Studies in Nursing Assistant, Medical Tech, Emergency Technology and more.

Inshallah your donations will help serve the community and assist in saving lives.