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“The (Muslim) community is relatively poor, more illiterate, has lower access to education, lower representation in public- and private-sector jobs and lower availability of bank credit for self- employment. In urban areas, the community mostly lives in slums characterized by poor municipal infrastructure.” – Assessment by Indian Prime Minister’s Office. The New York Times, November 29, 2006

We provide scholarships and support for deserving students from elementary to university level.

Apart from the scholarship programs, we have launched two projects to make a measurable, long term impact on the community.

In order to bring quality education to children, we built Challenger International School on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

In Barabanki, one of the most economically backward regions in India near Lucknow, we built Jahangirabad Institute of Technology. Jahangirabad Media Institute (JMI) on this campus is producing results already. Watch an award winning 13 minute documentary on your right made by a female student of JMI. You will see that all we need to do is provide a stepping stone for the young Muslims, deep in poverty but full of aspirations. Worth sharing with your friends and family!


Education Based Projects:

    • Jahangirabad Institute of Technology
    • Challenger International School
    • Challenger IAS Academy
    • Indo-US Public School
    • Project REED Schools


Challenger International School (CIS)








IMRC built Challenger International School to address the problem of homeless children in India and the lack of permanent shelter for orphans with quality education. In general orphans are vulnerable to poverty, crime, low end jobs, and exploitation.

The unique system at CIS has shown a positive and life changing affect on the children thus far. This project began with one acre of land acquired in Moinabad, about 25 km from Hyderabad. The project has been taken in two phases: a hostel block and a school block. Alhamdulillah, through your donations, the school is nearly complete and we have been able to accommodate up to 21 orphan girls at CIS with a total of 250 student enrolled, 150% increase from last year’s enrollment.

At CIS, we provide modern education and allow orphan children and non-orphan children to integrate in the classroom and on campus. It’s common in India for orphans to attend school in a separate facility. In most cases, these schools are run down, they lack funds, have outdated curriculum and are volunteer based. At Challenger, we provide opportunities normally these orphans wouldn’t have had.

They deserve a safe home and the best education possible. CIS’s objective is to provide quality & purposeful education using innovative methods through the expertise & vast experience of highly talented staff. Year-round children are involved with activities such as field trips to the zoo, picnics, science fairs, using the computer lab, school performances, quiz competitions and other activities. To ensure the wellness of every child, CIS also holds yearly medical checkups for all children.

For more information about CIS, visit

Jahangirabad Institute of Technology

JIT was created to develop an educational institute of higher learning in Science, Technology, Management along with training in leadership skills so the graduates can benefit themselves as well as their families and give back to their local community.

Your support at JIT brings an everlasting affect on a student, his family and in many cases a community. We continue to expand our programs, faculty, and campus facilities to remain competitive and meet the needs of today’s students. Approximately 90% of the JIT’s students rely on financial assistance including tuition, books, housing, and work study programs.

$2000 per year provides tuition and housing costs for one student.

We have grown from an initial 40 students enrolled to 250 and inshallah will continue to grow each year. In order to meet the requirements of accreditation from AICTE and allow room for growth in coming years, we constructed a new 5 story 60,000 sq. ft. engineering building. Our next goal for 2012 is to begin a College of Education in the Fall yo meet the demands of many girl students and more urgent is to build a girls hostel.

Alhamdulillah, through your generosity we’re able to remain a competitive institution providing students with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified faculty. It’s imperative we provide a hostel for girls so they can attend university in a safe and secure environment.

Sponsor a girl’s room for $3000 or partially sponsor a room with a friend!

Our girls at JIT are currently in the staff quarters and eagerly await their own accommodation.

For more information about JIT, visit their website at