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Rural Development

Project REED (Rural Education & Economic Development) was launched in 2009 to provide education to rural communities in an Islamic setting. We have identified villages where either people have left Islam or have had no access to Masajid for generations. Many families had left Islam for 2 reasons, no knowledge or practice of Islam and extreme poverty.

You can build a madrasa (village school) there and provide imams/teachers, libraries, daily activities and arrange distribution of Qurans.

Alhamdulillah, the project has received a great response from our generous supporters.

In the 6 years since its launch, 91 madrasa’s have been built and 10 more are near completion. Through this project we have been able to bring back thousands of villagers back to Islam. Now in each one of these villages, we have regular prayers and most of the children now know how to read Qur’an.

Each location has a prayer hall, washrooms, a living quarter for an imam and a classroom. The madrasas holds daily prayers, Quran lessons and other daily activities to bring a sense of community to the local area. This project also has a training program for imams and teachers. This way qualified instructors are assigned to each madrasa so the entire community can benefit.

An excerpt from the report we send out to donors of this program:


Donors can pick a name for the Masjid/Madarsa they build.

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