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As part of IMRC’s Summer Volunteer Program, 2 young girls from NJ and Boston – Marwa Abdulhai (17) and Yusra Syed (15) – were able to visit the villages in Kashmir. Appalled at the living conditions of its people after a year of the devastating flood, Marwa and Yusra have undertaken a project to provide Kashmir with clean drinking water.

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The destruction has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of families, including this young girl who has no idea of the negative consequences of the drinking dirty floodwater.

This water has also been tested to contain harmful chemicals.

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Many families currently find themselves unable to have access to clean drinking water and thus use the same dirty flood water for cleaning, drinking, showering, and cooking. One young mother related to them that they drink water only when in dire need, thus suffering from dehydration and water-borne diseases.

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Bring A Village Back to Life

The floods of December 2014 in Kashmir have even now left tens of thousands of families unable to have access to clean drinking water and are suffering from serious risks of dehydration and water borne diseases. But we can change that.

The Goal

IMRC’s goal is to raise money to build 100 tube-wells across Kashmir to provide clean water to it’s people. Each Tube-Well will be a minimum of 100 feet deep, only 2-3 km away from the other.

It only takes approximately $1250 to construct a well in the Kashmir area that can provide water anywhere from 500 people to 7000 people for generations to come.  

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Winter is approaching quickly in Kashmir, making it even more difficult to construct a water well in snowy conditions. We need your help to donate now so that the wells can be constructed at a quicker pace. The sooner we wait, the longer a child will continue to drink this dirty water.

The Details

The villages identified to build a well for the first 50 are the following:

1. Bathipora

2. Dehabad

3. Chak Hakeem Sadiq

4. Sadat Mohalla

5. Gulshan Abad

6. Batkoo Mohalla

7. Muqdam Mohalla

8. Najaf Abad

9. Taknoo Mohalla

10. Malpora

11. Ahangar Mohalla

12. Botoo Moholla

13. Mohalla Bala

14. Mandir Mohalla

15. Nowgam Payeen (A)

16. Nowgam Payeen (B)

17. Junction Mohalla

18. Murtaza Abad Inderkote

19. Marazi Mohalla

20. Sheganpora

21. Gouchipora

22. Charai Mohalla

23. Khusar Mohalla

24. Sadat Mohalla

25. Rakh Asham

26. Gadkhud

27. Rakh Sultanpora

28. Gadkhud

29. Kachroo Mohalla

30. Malpora Harina

21. Saadat Abad

32. Tend Pora Harinara

33. Main Daslipora

34. Malpora Daslipora

35. Khan Mohalla

  • Village Najan

36. Imambada Mohalla

37. Malla Mohalla

38. Panchayat Mohalla

39. Sadat Mohalla

40. Jalail Gund

41. Imam Bada Mohalla

42. Wani Mohalla

43. Bon Pora

44. Marazi Mohalla

45. Jafri Mohalla

46. Waza Mohalla

47. Bhat Mohalla

48. Dar Mohalla

49. Sofi Mohalla

50. Wani Mohalla

Your help will be contributing to one of these most impoverished regions in Kashmir, if not more.

Donating $1250 to fund the construction of one tube-well will ensure you a personalized thank you message on a sign next to the tube-well with the name of anyone who you please as the official donor. Allah will shower your family with blessings for every drop of water that the children, women, elderly and others use for their needs.

We have already started the digging of the first Water Well funded by IMRC in order to test the water at various levels to ensure it’s purity conforming to international standards on portability.

Starting a site location

Tube well children

Women cleaning

Donate now to ensure that right.

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Any further questions, contact the IMRC Office.