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Floods In Kashmir

NOVEMBER 4th, 2014

IMRC’s Executive Director Visits Kashmir


IMRC’s Executive Director, Manzoor Ghori visited Kashmir on November 1, 2014 to oversee the work done by IMRC’s team and implementation partner, Invitation Towards The Straight Path (ITSP). ITSP has been an active partner in the relief work through its reliable volunteers and commitment to helping the people of Kashmir; aligned with our goal to serve humanity without any conditions.

Locations Visited:


Actions / Observations

Blankets and phairen (traditional winter coat of Kashmir) were distributed in the village of Bekumpa. The visit to Bekumpa was devastating. The wrath of the floods destroyed crops that were being cultivated this year and stored harvest of the previous year. Because of the rise in the water, the storage areas got sub-merged in the flood water and got mixed with mud/silt.

Future Plan

Our implementation partner is assisting in completing Phase I of relief work and preparing a working plan for Phase II.

The IMRC team would like to thank ITSP for providing strong ground support and accommodation. Your continuous support is still needed.

Goal: 100,000 Packages

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OCTOBER 29th, 2014

Warm Smiles of Kashmir

Alhamdulillah IMRC partnered with six other local organizations in India and was able to reach 10,000 families affected by the flood. Relief work was done in Pampore, Anantanag, Pulwama, Kulgam, Bandipora, Baramulla & Srinagar districts of Kashmir.

All of this work would not have been possible without your continuous donations and huge support from volunteers of the local organization we partnered with. Together we were able to help hard to reach areas who needed the aid.

Relief kits included the following:

- Mink blankets
- Quilts & Mattresses
- Tweed cloth Phairan (Traditional long coat, worn in the winter season in J&K)
- Imported Solar lamps (Multi-purpose)
- Torch lights
- Medical camps (free consultation & medicine)
- Customized Medical Kit (Need of every household)
- Food grains
- Packaged drinking water
- Rubber hot water bottle (Filled with hot water, used for warmth)
- Thermal (warm inner wear)
- Socks

Warm smiles and faces were lit as relief efforts were made. Glimpse of hope and happiness was seen as relief kits were brought to the victims. They now have something to look forward to thanks to your support in providing relief and making winter more bearable.

To view full album of photos, click here Kashmir Relief Work 2014

OCTOBER 20th, 2014

IMRC’s Relief Mission : Jammu & Kashmir Floods 2014

The journey began with the curious and anxious team of IMRC collecting the information from ground zero around 10th of September 2014. As the victims of the devastating flood were cut-off from the rest of the world, the biggest challenge at that time was to assess the situation and to understand the real need.The worst floods in this Himalayan region in eight decades (since 1928) have resulted in at least 107 deaths, according to the officials. The devastating September floods washed away homes, Mosques, orchards, paddy fields, roads, bridges, hospitals, educational institutions, business units, communication and electricity network.

The geo-climatic conditions as well as socio-economic vulnerability makes it one of the most disaster-prone territory in the world, therefore paving way to widespread human, material or environmental losses.Though many volunteers and religious and social organizations were involved,however proved to be insufficient on the ground, seeing the scale of the destruction.And IMRC’s journey began, and Alhamdulillah, the IMRC’s Team didn’t wait for anything to be restored and started immediately with the identified need at that time. We were able to contact few of our volunteers in Delhi and those stationed near Srinagar Airport to collect the information in bits and pieces.

As part of immediate relief operations, IMRC conducted several Medical Camps with free consultation and free medicine for the victims of the flood. This was a huge benefit for the local population as most of the local hospitals had come under the fury of the flood.

By ALLAH’s Grace, IMRC’s committed team overcame all the challenges that were posed by the huge water logged areas, cut-off roads, connectivity issues, by travelling in desi boats, and covering long distances by walk to ensure that help reaches the needy, especially in the interior areas that were neglected by others.

IMRC’s volunteers were working hard on the ground to collect the statistics and to verify the same through local Masjid / Mohalla President.
IMRC is appreciative to the local volunteers of ITSP and AICWETE, for their logistical support and manpower. Without their timely help, catering to so many areas in such a short span of time would have been an impossible task.
IMRC’s Team on the ground kept assessing the situation on a periodic basis, as the needs of the victims differed from place to place, and person to person.
Few flood victims, very much mindful of their self-respect were not comfortable in accepting the relief in front of others. Keeping in mind their sensitivities, IMRC’s team helped them at their doorstep with the relief material.

The relief operations were spread across various localities & districts of J & K.IMRC’s Team tried its best to cater to the needs of the victims in an organized manner.

Acting further on its commitment to reach the neglected interiors of the affected areas, IMRC’s team reached the Meer Behri and catered to the needs of the families living in those areas. This area is in the middle of the city and centre of famous Dal Lake. Population comprising mainly of vegetable farmers which caters to most of city people. This area is only accessible through shikaras (desi boats), hence had gone unnoticed.

Ghulam Rasool, a local resident had no words to thank IMRC’s team for their timely valuable winter relief. Another lady namely Misra was glad to receive relief directly without much hassle. She had all praise and blessings for hard working IMRC volunteers.

In another location of Athwajan and Lasjan which is on the bank of river Jehlum,our team catered to a vast area. This area was severely affected as water level had reached two floors. A local resident Ghulam Mohammad was very appreciative for the quality relief goods distributed among the residents of this area. He said, “My children will always pray for safety and prosperity of the relief team involved.”

Our relief mission took us further toTailbal, another critically affected area comprising mainly of labour class. A girl named Bismil from this area had the brightest smile upon accepting new warm clothing like pheran and thermal.

After days of arduousand challenging journey in this flood torn valley, seeing hundreds of broken homes and hearts, a ray of hopefulness and happiness on the faces left us satisfied and calm. A new beginning, a new start was apparent far and wide.

OCTOBER 5th, 2014

IMRC’s Update Report from Kashmir

Identified as an immediate requirement, the team started the Relief Operations on the ground. Which included the distribution of Torch lights as well, as the entire flood affected area was cut-off from electricity and thieves were targeting those areas, this helped in keeping a vigil on the miscreants.

Furthermore, below items were distributed to the identified needy:

1) Free consultation and medicines through medical camps
2) Face masks
3) Blankets
4) Torch Lights
5) Solar lamps
6) Mattresses and quilts (through implementation partner)
7) Packaged drinking water (through implementation partner)

Areas covered so far:

1. Barbarsha, Srinagar
2. Hamdania colony Bemina, Srinagar
3. New colony Batamalu, Srinagar
4. Lottery colony, Bemina, Srinagar
5. Chatabal, Srinagar
6. HMT Area, Srinagar
7. Mahjoor Nagar, Srinagar
8. Padshahibagh, Srinagar
9. Pampora, Pulwama
10. Asthan Mohalla, Bandipora District
11. Sumbal Village, Bandipora District
12. Gondiboon, Bandipora District
13. Poshwean, Bandipora District
14. Tingpura, Bandipora District
15. Laribal, Bandipora District
16. Wazpura, Bandipora District
17. Naidekha, Bandipora District
18. Few villages of Anantanag District of South Kashmir

In door Activities at Camp office:

Regular meetings are held with different NGOs and individuals at IMRC Srinagar Camp Office, aiming at partnering with them to broaden the area of operations.

Highlights from the significant meetings held so far:

1. Dr. Shabistan Ghaffar & Team, who are now our working partner in J&K Flood Relief Operations. The IMRC camp office and warehouse is provided by Dr. Shabistan Ghaffar. From day 1 we have been receiving complete logistical support & help as well.

2. ITSP came forward to help us with the team of their volunteers, who will be working on the ground with IMRC’s Team. They are now our implementation partner in J&K Flood Relief Operations. ITSP has provided 15 teams, consisting of 60 volunteers to help the victims of the J&K flood. With the help of these teams, IMRC camp office will complete the relief work in affected areas of Srinagar, Bandipora & South Kashmir, InshaAllah. If required, ITSP shall provide more volunteers.

3. Mr. Bilal Zargar (Civil Engineer) with his friend Mr. Imran (Civil Engineer, employed in R&B). They came with a proposal to provide temporary shed to the people whose houses have completely collapsed. The blueprint was received and forwarded to the IMRC board for review and consideration.

4. Hussain Shamoo sahab and his son from Aligarh and Mohammed Shabbir sahab (from Pulwama), referred by Mohammed Amanullah Khan (IDBI), held a meeting with the Team at the camp office. They expressed their intention to get all the Organizations on one platform to execute the rehabilitation plan of about 10-15 thousand homes, it includes building sheds, repairing houses and building completely collapsed houses. The team has asked them for the blueprint. No information received so far.

5. Shameem sahab from Mumbai with Waheed Jeelani sahab met IMRC Team at Srinagar camp office and put forward a proposal for mass marriages of poor Kashmiri girls, whose scheduled Nikah dates were postponed due to flood. He also expressed his desire to help students who want to pursue B.Ed and B.Tech. Mr. Shameem sahab promised to bear 50% of the expenses incurred for the above mentioned activities, and rest of the expenses of this proposal will be requested from IMRC/Sahayata. Mr. Shameem sahab was impressed by the style of work of IMRC’s Team in Srinagar. And he appreciated the dedication as well.

Next course of action:

Meanwhile, the volunteers on the ground are actively involved in verifying the applications received from Local Masjid / Mohalla Presidents, to prepare the final list of recipients for winter relief.

The below items are being readied for distribution:

1. Phairen
2. Socks
3. Medical kit for house hold
4. Quilts and Mattresses
5. Kangdi (fire pot)
6. Thermal

OCTOBER 2nd, 2014

IMRC’s Report from Kashmir


Alhamdulillah it’s a pleasure to inform you that there is significant increase in our team on the ground in Srinagar.

We have 12 teams and each team consist of at-least 4 volunteers provided by our implementation partner ITSP.


The approach of work we have decided to adopt is each team will concentrate on one area to verify the details received from local masjid/area committee claiming to be deserving candidates. And final distribution list will be prepared accordingly.

There will be 2 progress review meetings every week at IMRC Camp Office.


Currently we are operating in the following areas:

Mahjoor Nagar, Barzula, BulBul Bagh, Gulbarg Colony, ChanaPura, Neik Bagh ( A), Nowgam, Bonpura, Pehru, Natipura, Neikbagh ( B ), Abiguzar, Nawaabazar, Chattbal ( Dirish Kadal ), Chattbal ( Danawari), Pulwama, Tailbal, Jogilankar, Foreshore Rd, Jawharnagar, Rajbagh , Kamarwari, Bemina ( Nundresh colony ),Tengpora, Ikhrajpora, Bemina ( Hamdania Colony ), Chatabal ( Mogalmohalla ), Batamalu, Chatabal ( Zampkadal), PanthaChowk, and Lasjan.

We are truly thankful for our Volunteer Team Coordinators include Dr. Mahee, Umar and Yasir Wani.

Other volunteers are working tirelessly around the clock for the sake of Allah (SWT). Please keep them in your duas. The volunteers include: Dr. Muzaffar, Sameer, Monis, Basith, Nayeem, Jaleel, Shabbir, Abdullah, Danial, Syed Tabasum and Muneer.




Over 200 people have died and thousands are stranded across the state, including Srinagar.

Floods in Jammu and Kashmir are a common phenomenon unfortunately. Starting last week, the state has seen an unprecedented amount of rainfall, resulting in its worst floods since 1959. Floods in the state are invariably linked to the Jhelum River and its history of crossing the danger mark, its streams and rivulets overflowing and thereby inundating the “Valley” (south Kashmir) in the process. While the scale of devastation caused by these floods is nothing short of massive, with over 200 people having lost their lives so far, the Valley, along with the Jammu region has, over time witnessed floods occurring at regular intervals.


IMRC needs your help to provide relief for the flood victims. Supplies such as food, clothing and medicine are needed urgently. IMRC is also immobilizing a group of doctors to assist with relief efforts.

Your help is desperately needed for these victims. There an be risk of spread of illnesses and infections if relief efforts aren’t provided immediately.

Every $1 counts.
Please give generously today!
The victims need your help.
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