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With each trip to India, we revisit our projects to check on their impact, effectiveness and ways of improvement. With every project IMRC began over the past 35 years, it was a solution to a problem. As we approach the end of the year, we look back and see if there’s anything else in our capacity we can do. We are pleased to announce four new projects we will focus on. Insha’Allah, with your support these programs can be given the same attention and assistance as others. Together we can make a difference and lasting impact for our brothers and sisters.


Our 4 new projects which we’ll focus on for 2017 are:

  • Jama Masjid Renovation at Aligarh Muslim University
  • 10 Skill Development Centers
  • Expand the Indo-US Hospital
  • Challenger Civil Services Academy


Jama Masjid Renovation at AMU


The establishment of the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College in 1875 was a social and educational movement started by the thinker, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan towards the cultural regeneration and change for the Muslims in India. Aligarh Muslim University is predominantly unique, distinguished in its scope and character. Unlike other institutions of learning, it has also been a traditional center of social and cultural training, a combination of taaleem o tarbiat (education and character).

The majestic Jama Masjid stands tall in the historic complex of the university campus, with soft lines of mighty white domes, and a defiant elevation of the minarets framed as an organic whole, so perfect and distinct in beauty, that was started in construction in the year 1879 and completed in 1912. The sacred Jama Masjid of the AMU, a historic relic, now stands in dire need of restoration and renovation.

It is a great pleasure to know that by the grace of Allah (SWT) progress has been made and renovation work is already in progress.

However, there exists a shortage of funds towards its completion, and IMRC has kindly consented and committed to compensate for the shortage. With your help, $100,000 will cover the remaining amount and preserve a piece of our Islamic history and culture.

cracks decay-pillar










Signs of cracks, deterioration, and decay.

Your generosity and support towards this program is appreciated. Spread the word amongst your friends and family. Insha’Allah, we can all be a part of this historical renovation project.


10 Skill Development Centers with the Government of Bihar


In line with IMRC’s goal to provide education and assistance for children, we came across this project. The Government of Bihar has a program to empower the youth by providing them with skills for employment and to establish a wide network of training centers for them. Insha’Allah, our goal is to work with the Gov’t of Bihar to bring this program into areas of Bihar where there are a majority of Muslims residing. Youth will be trained at these centers for english and computer skills.

This program is for youth in grades 10-12 that may have dropped out and need another chance to learn a skill or for current students who want to supplement their existing coursework.
Insha’Allah, IMRC’s role in this project is to provide the equipment and trained staff for the centers. The infrastructure will be provided by the Government of Bihar. Our goal is to train 5,000 students in 18 months.
You can help a community that needs to further their skills by
sponsoring a center. Each centers costs $10,000. A total of
$100,000 is needed for 10 centers.


Expand the Indo-US Hospital in Health Education Program


Our Indo-US Hospital has been open for six years now. The five story hospital building focuses on providing healthcare for diabetes and its related illnesses.
We noticed that many inquiries were made about a training facility at our hospital. During the India Health Initiative program, we have held medical camps and preventative healthcare workshops for the public, but nothing else.

This past month, we were approved to expand the hospital and add a 6th floor. Insha’Allah, the next floor will house classrooms to provide vocational courses in healthcare.

These courses will focus on vocational certificate programs in professions such as nurse technicians, emergency technicians, certified nursing assistants, phlebotomy, and more.

This project is in dire need of your assistance. Insha’Allah,
with your support, we can raise the $100,000 that is needed
to expand its services.


Challenger Civil Services Academy