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shakirMeet Shakir. He’s 11 years old and lost his mother when he was young. His father is a laborer and drunkard. He grew up in a famliy never having enough to eat. He used to spend his days just roaming the streets on his own. Today, he has a shelter and goes to school. He’s in the 6th grade and enjoys his studies; going on to becoming a Hafiz, insh’Allah. He’s on his way to a great future, Inshallah due to the help of IMRC’s Orphan Support Program.

IMRC started over 35 years ago helping 50 orphans in India. Today, with your help and the Grace of God, we continue to help thousands.

We go beyond food, clothing and shelter. A proper education is just as important. We intend to track their progress until they are placed well and are independent, insha’Allah. If their modest schools and hostels need improvement, we plan to assist them so they have better teachers, materials, facilities, etc. Whatever it takes. How many lives would you like to change today?

We have built hundreds of village schools starting with our first project in Assam to Andhra in Zaheerabad.

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